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Who am I?


            Who am I? I am sick and tired of us judging God. Who the heck am I to tell God what is just and what is unjust? Who am I to ask Him for something (with doubt in my heart) and expect Him to give it to me, and when He doesn’t, I judge Him by saying that He didn’t show up or that He wasn’t faithful? Who am I to judge God’s character, based on the character I see in people that call themselves Christians? Who am I to ask Him to reveal Himself to me, when I am not even willing to seek Him with all my heart, and then get angry with Him when He doesn’t show up (in the way that I thought He should)? Who am I, in all my wavering thoughts and emotions, to pass judgment on One who is all knowing, everlasting, everything that is good, whose thoughts and emotions don’t waver in the least bit? Who am I to tell the One whose will is good and perfect, what I think should or should not happen? I am not worthy to judge my neighbor, much less my God!

It’s time for us to get over ourselves, to get past our precious little ideas of what should and should not happen. It’s time to quit looking at things through our limited vision and to seek to see things through God’s unlimited vision. It’s time to start trusting in God’s sovereignty and not in our own opinions. Who are we anyway?