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Power of Prayer

God has taught me so much on this trip but the one thing he keeps on drilling into me is the power of prayer. I have had so many experiences where God has worked through prayer so I’ll just share a few.

A lot of spiritual warfare has gone on during this trip and most of it has been insede the gate of the house we’d been living in. So one day a group of us stayed back from doing ministry and prayed over the whole house. It was amazing. We opened all the windows in each room and when we did that for each room we prayed and worshipped God. He was totally present through the whole time. After we were praying we know that God had taken back the house. God used our prayers to glorify him.

Another instance where prayer was powerful was when I was in town and we were at the market. Rose, a lady who I met there, asked me to pray for her. She was having pain in her legs and it was hard to walk. So I prayed for her. Then the next time I went she Thanked me for my prayer and said ever since that day her legs had not bothered her. God was faithful because Rose and I both had faith that God would heal her. All the glory went to God!

The last example I have happened yesterday morning. A group of us went to a school (Enjabulweni) and some of us did a drime (a skit/mime to music) and then some of us spoke a bit about our life and how Jesus helped us overcome. I had volunteered to shar part of my life to about 200-300 first through seventh graders. I was nervous and had no idea what to say. I had found out the night before that I was going to do this. So I went to bed praying God would give me the words and when I woke up I was in continual prayer until we got there. I knew my topic of what I was going to say but none of the words that were going to come out of my mouth. Before I went to talk the Lord just gave me a peace and I knew without a doubt he would give me the words and He did. He used my mouth and my life to touch those kids. He deserves all the glory for everything that happened that morning!

These are only three examples of so many experiences of God answering my prayers and the power of prayer. God continually is showing me how awesome and big He really is.